Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleeping Side Effects

pregnancy due date

Have you heard that dreams are just another side effect of pregnancy? I have been experiencing this side effect for quit sometime now. As if I'm not tired enough, I'm constantly woken up by these dreams throughout the night. They are usually quite random and never reoccurring. The friends that I've talked to have all said that they experienced a lot of dreams during their pregnancies, but they were mostly all related to the baby or the birth. I've also read that the fathers also experience this and they normally dream about the baby more in their toddler years. My Husband also seems to be having strange dreams from night to night with no explanation.

I'm not normally one to dream often or to remember them in detail if I do dream, so this is all kind of weird to me yet highly entertaining! Some are nightmares but most are just weird and make absolutely no sense, and then there are also the occasional sex dreams! The latter being the most strange as I have absolutely no libido these days! Poor hubby! Here are some of my most recent episodes...

Dream No.1: Mmmmm, doughnuts... -Homer Simpson
I love doughnuts, but gave them up years ago when I woke up to find that I had mysteriously gained 60 pounds since my high school graduation. In this dream I found myself at my local Dunkin Donuts shop at 16th and Washington. The location is important because each Dunkin Donut location is owned and operated differently. This one in my opinion happens to be the worst in Philly. I was craving a Boston Cream or an Eclair. It didn't matter which one because they both have that silky, rich, golden cream in the middle and are covered with chocolate frosting. All I wanted was that golden cream in the middle! The idiot working behind that counter could not, not even save his own life, give me the correct doughnut! He kept giving me the Manager's Special doughnut, which looks like a Boston Cream but has the fluffy white filling and NOT my golden cream! I watched him reach for the wrong doughnut time after time, even after repeating to me what I was asking for. Finally I just started screaming how stupid he was and got frustrated and left with no Boston Cream, or any doughnuts for that matter.

The next day in real life, I still had this insatiable craving for a Boston Cream doughnut. So much so that I actually went to Dunkin Donuts to get my golden cream. I was even careful not to go to the 16th and Washington location to make sure that I was given the right doughnut!

Dream No.2: Oh my God!!! The Prom!!!
I went to private Christian school my entire life. It was something like the movie Footloose, we weren't allowed to have a prom because of the dancing. The only difference was that we never protested enough to get our way, so needless to say I have never been to a prom. In this dream I was finally going to the prom! I wasn't traveling back to my high school years or anything, I was the age and the pregnant person I am now going to the prom! I found myself the day of the prom with no dress, so I ran to the mall in the suburbs to find that special dress. I imagine when you're actually in high school, searching for your prom dress is similar to searching for your wedding just know it's "the one"! Well my special dress finally revealed itself to me hanging on a wall at JC Penny. It was cherry red, black and white and was a two piece ensemble. It's a little hard to describe so I'll let you imagine my Michael Jackson, Thriller like, two piece dress with matching shoes. It was sort of puffy, and had bunched plastic fabric jutting out from the shoulders, but it was oh so fabulous! I grabbed it from the wall and ran to the dressing room to dawn this ridiculous, less than fashionable but "oh my god I have to have it" dress. It fit perfectly! The shoes were the same cherry red fading to black toward the bottom with 5 inch heals that were incredibly easy to walk in. The whole thing was absolute perfection! When I emerged from the dressing room, teased-side ponytail and all, I just knew I was going to be the BADEST girl at the prom.

I never made it far enough in my dream to actually find out what happened at the prom. But when I woke up, just knowing that even though it was in my dreams I got to go to the prom! It probably ended up being the most embarrassing episode of my dream life, but I'll never know!

Dream No.3: Celebrity Orgy - Rated MA (for mature audiences)
This dream contains sex, nudity and other adult situations, parental guidance suggested.
So I don't know how I got myself into this situation, it's not like I've experienced this in real life. I came to realize in my dream that I am in the middle of a celebrity orgy! There were approximately 8 people total but it was a little hard to tell with all the tangled bodies. The celebrities present during this situation were Lisa Ling and Seth Rogan! Really??? Seth Rogan??? Anyway, I'm not going to give any details of this dream. I just wanted to mention it because of the fact that I have absolutely no sex drive in real life but have no problem getting it on with strangers and celebs in my dreams! So weird!

So if any of you out there have been having any strange prego dreams, please share!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The woes of early pregnancy...

As of now I am 9 weeks pregnant. While this is not my first pregnancy, this will be my first child. With all that I have read in books and on the Internet as well as discussed with friends, I seem to be having a normal pregnancy. That is except for this bulge that I have grown which seems to be too large this early! I can't fit into my regular clothes, by that I mean I haven't buttoned or fully zipped my pants in nearly 3 weeks. I wear these things called Bella Bands which allow you to keep your britches up while relaxing your gut beyond the waist line of your pants. I refuse to buy maternity clothes at this point because I'm still searching for the alternative. The only alternative I can find is a moomoo - which my boss would never approve of, never mind my husband. The other thing that's bothering me is that everywhere I have read, the supposed weight gain is 25-35 pounds for the average woman! My mother gained 60 with her last pregnancy, and I know plenty of others who were well beyond that! Why do they have to print such cruel things for women, who are already in a fragile state, to fret over while it's just not possible for everyone! I'm sure it was a male OB/GYN who called those lucky numbers! I'm not sure exactly how much weight I've gained, but I'm certain that it's well beyond that 4-5 pound "average" gain for the first trimester and I've just gotten started with month 3!

On the contrary, my skin has never looked better thanks to my prenatals and the gallons of water I suck down daily!